Thursday, 24 January 2013

I Hate Winter! (but it could be worse!)

I got an e-mail from a customer/friend in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada overnight.
Apparently, the temperature there was minus 46 yesterday (and that's degrees C not F.)
He says that around 1100 cars wouldn't start because the batteries were frozen! And we're complaining about Minus 3!!
Anyway - update - my birthday passed pleasantly enough. Couldn't drive to work because of the 15cm (6" in old money) of snow on the drive and car. I decided to walk  to the end of the street and get a bus into Sheffield but after standing at the bus stop  for 25 minutes with no sign of a bus, watching a traffic queue that moved 20 yards in that time, I gave up, walked back home, got a cup of coffee and decided to try again later.
I never actually made it in to the office and so did some work from home. E-mail and the Internet are wonderful aren't they?!
Opened my pressies which included Seb Coe's autobiography, Jess Ennis' autobiography, (note the Sheffield connection!) Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crosswords selection and a new beard trimmer! Nice!
Then the Duchess decided to treat me to a birthday tea at the Norton pub at the end of the road! She had a Ribeye Steak and I had Steak and Chicken Combo with BBQ sauce. We both had Tomato soup for starters and with a drink each, total cost was about £24.
I got to work on Tuesday via bus and walking. Yes - walking - a bit of a novelty for me to be honest! (And I know what you're thinking Smiffy!!!)
Wednesday and today, I drove in. Don't want to overdo it at my age!
There's obviously been no football to report and since I don't have my camera back yet, I couldn't have taken pictures anyway! I suppose I could have use the 300D but with only 8 megapixels and a max ISO of 1600, I doubt it would have been up to the job. I took some "snow pics" with it but to be brutally honest, the snaps I took on the iPhone were just about as good. Still - it does make a nice "reserve" I guess. I did get a couple of nice shots of icicles using the 100mm Macro lens and I'd show them to you but Blogger won't allow me to post any more pictures on here!
Right - work beckons, we have customers from Norway next week and we need to get our stories straight!

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Mike Smith said...

Walking ... great healthy stuff - and I get paid to do it !!

Although a decent bus service would help - oh for the late 70's (when I was at Sheffield Poly) when a trip from Totley to City Centre cost 12p - and they were every 4/5 minutes ...