Monday, 15 June 2009

All Set for the New Season. Bring it on!!

Saturday - Me and the Duchess drove down to Belper to buy a season ticket. I already have one (the result of a successful bid by the Duchess in the auction at the Supporters Evening) so I decided to return the compliment and get one for her as a birthday present! We went to the Meadows and found the chairman cutting the grass. He suggested we meet him at the Grapes about an hour later and he'd have a ticket for us. The pitch looked absolutely beautiful and it really whet the appetite! Can't wait for the pre-season games now!

On the way home we stopped at Bakewell, walked by the river and then watched a bit of cricket before heading off home via Calver bridge. Took lots of photos - here's just a few of them.

The Bridge at Bakewell
Idyllic Isn't it!Well Bowled Sir!One of my favourite houses in Derbyshire - at Calver Bridge (I think it sold for near on a million last time it was on the market.)
Sunday - Since it was a fine day, I attacked the garden again - cutting and pruning and generally tidying up. After about 4.1/2 hours I called it quits, enjoyed a lovely "salad tea" and relaxed for a while before calling our son in Rotterdam for a bit of a natter. He's fine and I'm glad to say the company he founded about 15 months ago with two colleagues seems to be doing OK. Long may it continue! (Click the "Everybody Can Design" link on the right to see what they are all about!)

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