Saturday, 13 June 2009

Attended another family funeral this week

This time it was one of my late mother's sisters.

Aunt Muriel was a couple of months short of her 81st brithday when she passed away on May 29th.

The funeral took place at City Road Crematorium in Sheffield on Wednesday (in the morning, before the late afternoon floods!) and although a solemn affair as you would expect, it was good to see my cousins Steven and Yvonne again and also to make the formal acquantaince of Aunt Muriel's other two children, Ian and Tim.

I haven't seen Yvonne for, I guess, about 45 years or so but I've bumped into Steve around Sheffield on the odd occasion. Steve was born at our house. Muriel and her family were staying with us at the time and so me, Yvonne and Steve sort of grew up together but drifted apart as we entered our early teens. They had moved into their own home by then and we developed separate interests and friends.

It was good to meet up - even under such sad circumstances - and Steve, Ian and me are now all Facebook friends so maybe we can keep in some sort of touch.

RIP Muriel.

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