Sunday, 7 June 2009

Another week flashes by...

This was never meant to be a "Weekly Diary" but it seems that's how it's turning out!

Anyway - my week since my last post.....

Monday - back to work after a week off. Even though we're short of orders and the plant is on short time working, the paper pile never seems to diminish. Actually - we got back to normal to find some encouraging signs of a possible pick-up in activity - here's hoping!

Monday evening - went for a meal to celebrate the Duchess' birthday on Tuesday (she had a football meeting on Tuesday so we "ate out" a day early.) As usual, we went to the Bowshaw pub - just down the road from Nortoner Towers - and enjoyed their fantastic carvery. Food (including dessert) drinks and tip totalled £17 - bargain and well worth it!

Tuesday - See Monday and add "2nd day back at work." Highlight was a call from my friend/customer in Canada. Would I be able to pick Kay up from Manchester airport on Thursday morning? - she found a bargain flight and is coming back to Sheffield to see her Mom for a few days. Not a problem - they really look after me when I visit them and it's nice to be able to return the favour in part.

Wednesday - same old same old.

Thursday - Out of bed at a quarter to four to get to Manny airport for 5 a.m. to collect Kay. Delivered her safely to her Mom's then nipped home for breakfast and 40 winks before heading into the office. I slept like a log Thursday night!

Friday - Another full day at work with nothing dramatic to report apart from my flying off the handle because of a selfish, mardy (Sheffield word - ask if you need explanation) and two-faced individual who, if one had a bag of sh*t, would complain and moan until he got one too! Calmed down Friday evening with Pie and Chips from t'chippy.

Saturday - Usual supermarket run in the morning, rest of day spent watching it rain mostly, although I got some photo-editing done on the PC. In the evening, went to Sheffield Arena with the Duchess to see Boyzone. The tickets were one of my "impulse purchases" as a Christmas gift for the Duchess.

I actually enjoyed the show. The arena was packed and Boyzone were on stage for 2 hours, preceded by some Irish kid who came close to winning X-Factor - unfortunately it seems to me that he'll always be a "support act!"

Finally for now..... here's a couple of the photos I edited yesterday - sunset over Norton on Tuesday evening - very pretty!

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