Thursday, 11 June 2009

We Had A Drop Of Rain Yesterday....

Pictures submitted by readers of the local paper.

Between about 4 pm and 7 pm, around 60mm of rain fell, and we had another 30 to 40mm between midnight and 4 am this morning.

Roads were closed, the "Supertram" service was suspended and there's been a lot of damage to road surfaces (but living in "pothole city", Sheffielders probably won't notice!)

The Duchess had to attend a 6:30pm meeting at the FA offices in Sheffield. She left home at 5:15 pm (on a bus cos there is nowhere to park around the FA office and the bus/tram takes her right to their front door - for free cos she has a bus pass!)

By 6:30 she had got to the city centre - a journey which normally takes about 20 minutes to half an hour. She then found the tram service suspended and absolute chaos in the city so she called the FA and told them she couldn't make it. Not surprisingly, she was told the discipline commission members who she was due to meet hadn't made it either!

She hopped on another bus to get home and I met her at the local chippy at about 7:15 pm. The rain was still "bezzing" down (a new expression I learned from my son who apparently picked it up when he worked in Mansfield) so we settled down to watch the footy whilst scoffing fish & chips.

This morning? - still some puddles about but we have clear blue skies and bright sunshine. General "mopping up" is going on.

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