Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday Evening..... Bored!

Evening All! (All? hahaha! Who am I kidding - should that be "evening you 2" - or maybe - "you 3?")

The Duchess is out at a Junior Football League Management Committee Meeting tonight so I'm on me tod. It's pouring down outside so I can't get out in the garden to cut the grass in the front garden and the hedge down the drive, (Phew!!)

Nowt on t'telly apart from a meaningless Under-21 match between England and Germany and so I'm sat sitting here listening to internet coverage of Nottinghamshire giving Yorkshire a stuffing at 20 - 20 cricket. (Bloody Mickey Mouse game - might as well watch rounders.)

No pics to show you, no news to tell you - Oh - hang on - there is one item of news this week......

Wednesday evening - Hilton Hotel Sheffield, 7:30 pm, the Duchess attends an interview for the position of Secretary of the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League. Keep yer fingers crossed for her won't you all (or both, or all three of you. Whatever.)


Penfold said...

Fingers and other assorted bit and bobs were crossed Ken.....and the result??

Nortoner said...

It's not until tomorrow (Wednesday 24th) Dave. I'll let you know!

Penfold said...

"Wednesday evening - Hilton Hotel Sheffield, 7:30 pm"

Dave, oh Dave, will you ever read ANYTHING properly DOH!

Cheers Ken