Monday, 29 June 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

On Saturday, the Duchess and I head off on a well earned and richly deserved two-week holiday. As ever - we're going to Horncastle in Lincolnshire to spend two idyllic weeks fishing and relaxing and generally wishing we didn't have to come back.

Elmhirst Lakes - Horncastle - our idea of heaven on earth!

Also as ever - I'm trying to get the decks cleared at work (because we have such a massive staff, one can simply p*ss off for two weeks and one may be assured that all of one's work will be covered in one's absence.)

Anyway, as Sod's Law dictates, today, I have been ordered to complete lots of sales price/cost analyses before I go away. What makes it even more galling is that every year for the last umpteen, the holiday has started on the last Saturday in June so, under normal circumstances, I would already have departed and so could not complete these pointless analyses which have now fallen into my lap.

Grrrrr! We couldn't get the weeks we wanted this year, even though we tried to book it as we left last year - the first of the weeks we wanted was already taken - 12 months in advance!

The main purpose of the holiday is, as already mentioned, fishing and the Duchess has decided that she and I, as we are "getting on a bit" (or a lot depending on your point of view) need more comfort when fishing so she has bought herself a new chair and has ordered a new chair for me.

Here's a picture of my new chair:

"State of The Art" with adjustable legs to ensure it's perfectly level no matter what the condition of the bank you're fishing from and best of all - you can buy lots of accessories (rod rest, keep net stick, umbrella attachment, bait tray) which fasten on to the chair to make it a complete fishing station (I'm a sucker for the blurb in the catalogue!)

We've spent a fair bit of time at various fishing tackle shops over the last few days, buying assorted bits and pieces for the holiday. I have a theory that the wide variety of fishing floats and baits on offer catch more fishermen than they ever do fish!

Over the weekend, I've also attacked the garden again, cutting and hacking the grass and privet hedges took about 9.1/2 hours over Saturday and Sunday but I quite enjoyed it - probably because there is a result to be seen whereas my normal working routine produces nothing of value - only a pile of paper and "What IS the point?" feeling at the end of the day!

Times are hard at work but no matter if we're short of orders or flush with them - the paper generated does not seem to increase or decrease in proportion to the workload on the plant. In fact - the reverse seems to be true.

Anyway - this is getting depressing and the Duchess has just made a cuppa so I'm off to play with my tackle (fishing tackle that is!!!!)

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