Thursday, 25 June 2009

Duchess didn't get the job.....

The Duchess just got a call from the Chairman of the Junior League - she didn't get the Junior League Secretary's job.

They've given it to some guy from Doncaster who runs a website called "Football Help." Seems he's a "professional" football administrator who, judging by his "LinkedIn" entry, has plenty of trumpets to blow. He apparently specialises in helping people set up grassroots football clubs and leagues with advice on where to get grants etc.

The Duchess' only qualification is that she did the job (unpaid) from 1999 to 2005 so if you think about it - the Donny lad is an obvious choice.

The fact that threequarters of the Junior League Committee couldn't pick their noses without a substantial amount of guidance and several diagrams explains why they voted 7 - 4 in favour of the "Football Help" man.

The Duchess is gutted - she really wanted the job - but as I said to her - at least it means she can now attend Tuesday evening home games at Belper Town FC instead of turning up at Junior League monthly meetings (which are always held on a Tuesday!)

She will continue to work for the League as Registration Secretary for the Junior League Under-11 age group.

Chin up lass! It's their feckin loss!

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Penfold said...

Hard luck Duchess love, it's their loss!