Monday, 17 August 2009

Another good weekend....

... began with a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon spent watching Belper Town comfortably beat Willenhall 3 - 0. Here's a picture of Lee Stevenson heading in the 2nd goal:

It was a reasonably easy win. The Belper team played better as the game went on - partly due I guess, to the fact we had three new signings in the side and the players took a little time to settle and "get to know" each other.

The rest of my pictures from the game are here:

and Snapper Harrisons's pics are here:

compare and contrast if you wish but remember Tim is semi-pro (He does weddings - great service and very good rates - so if you're in the Belper area and thinking of getting wed - contact Tim. His website is linked on the right of the screen. Hmmmm - wonder if he be willing to pay commission on any new business?!!?)

Anyway - Saturday evening was spent trying to complete the set up (begun on Friday afternoon) of the new PC at home. Downloading programmes, installing software and generally getting the machine to the state I want it.

All appeared OK on Saturday and Sunday but hot off the press - something is wrong - the Duchess was using the PC this morning when it suddenly decided not to play any more. Now - it won't start up. It "locks" on the desktop with wallpaper as usual and all the icons in place but the mouse pointer is a spinning ring - and nothing can be clicked on. The general concensus is that it might be infected with malware - either that or the Norton Security software is cocking things up... so this evening I have to try starting in "safe mode" and restoring the system to a time when it did work.

Talk about "out of my depth!!" I'll let you know how I get on - probably via my laptop cos I am to PC problems what the England cricket selectors are to squad selection - neither of us has a clue!!

The plan was to spend the rest of the weekend attacking the garden once again but a slight change in the weather on Sunday lunchtime put paid to that. A few drops of rain brought me indoors and - well - you know what it's like - I got settled in front of the PC - editing photos and generally doing "computer stuff" - and then realised it was 5 pm and a little late to get back out there cos the Duchess was getting ready to put food on the table.

So - you are pretty much up to date - I'll report on the computer problems ASAP although I get the feeling a good mate of mine, who knows more about PCs than I do, (but then again - who doesn't?!) might be getting a call later!

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