Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm Feeling a Little Bit Pleased with myself!

Went to watch Belper Town draw 1 - 1 with Grantham on Tuesday evening. The draw was disappointing. In fact - the whole match was a bit disappointing - scrappy for the most part with the odd bit of good football played here and there. I didn't take the camera (decided I fancied just watching a game normally for a change rather than through the lens!) Have a look at Snappers album here:

However - even though I didn't take the camera, the reason I'm a bit pleased is actually photography related! On Saturday, I'd been to the reserves game and put an album of about 30 of the best pics on the Belper Forum. This one was included:
The "subject" player is Will Harcourt, younger brother of first team regular Mick Harcourt and I have to admit, I thought it wasn't a bad "snap" at all.

Anyway - at the match Tuesday, Will's parents showed me an 8 x 10 print they've had made of it because whilst they have several good pictures of Mick in action they have nothing really of Will! They asked if I minded and I said of course I didn't mind - in fact I take it as a massive compliment!

Apparently the photo will hang in the downstairs "loo" along with pictures of Mick. Then I thought about it - people like my pictures so much they hang them in the bog!!!!! Hahaha!!

FA Cup Prelim round on Saturday and a local derby against Holbrook MW - a team from 3 leagues below Belper. They are sure to be up for it as, I am sure, will Belper. Should be a good game.

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Dave said...

Well done Ken old bean. Honours indeed. I feel that it's a bit of a shame that the ressies don't get enough "press" so hopefully this will help.
Congrats on the quality too- surely competition for Tim now ;-)