Thursday, 20 August 2009

Thursday evening - where has the week gone?

On Tuesday evening we went to watch Glapwell FC v Belper Town and unfortunately for us, the home side won 2 -1 with the winning goal coming in the 85th minute. I took the camera but wasn't all that bothered about taking pictures to be honest. Still, I managed a few and this is one of the better ones:
I've had problems downloading Jalbum (which we use to publish "albums" on t'internet.) It looks like it was Jalbum which crashed my new PC earlier this week. Start in "Safe Mode" and then "System Restore" to the point before Jalbum was installed recovered the machine perfectly. In fact, I've just had another go at downloading the programme but it hasn't worked.

So - if you wanna see more of the game, Tim Harrison's view is here.....
Nice to see he's maintaining his standard (now he's bought An EOS 50D like mine!!!!!)

What else this week? - Well, work has picked up a little. Two weeks ago we were looking at running the plant 2 days last week, 2 days this week and then possibly shutting down for 3 weeks to wait for the order situation to improve.

As it happens, we've managed to pull in some orders over the last few days so the guys worked 3 days last week, 3.1/2 days this week and we'll work 3 days next week and 2 possibly 3 days the week after that. That takes us to our annual late summer shutdown (2nd week of September.) So we've bought some "breathing space", although it's still very much "hand-to-mouth."

Anyway - the next football we will see is on Saturday when we are going down to Belper to watch the reserve side play Carlton Town Reserves. The first team are at Witton Albion which is a bit of a trek for us so we decided to give that a miss and wander down to The Meadows instead. A full report will follow but for now it's time to relax with a cuppa and think about getting some kip!

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