Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Afternoon.....

... and I should be outside cutting yet another privet hedge but to be honest - the weather don't look too great and that's all the excuse I need!

We went to watch Belper Town v Holbrook MW in the FA Cup Preliminary round yesterday, expecting an easy win over a team who are 2 or 3 leagues below Belper. As is so often the case in the FA Cup - it didn't happen and the game finished at 1 - 1. Not a classic by any means and Belper will need to up their performance in the replay on Tuesday evening.

The Holbrook keeper makes a good save to deny Belper late in the game.

The rest of my album from this game is here:

...... and Snapper Harrison's pictures are here:

After 24 hours to reflect on the game, I guess that whilst this wasn't the greatest performance I've ever seen from a Belper side, the only thing which was really missing was the finishing. Improve that and the replay should be no problem.

Monday morning and work are looming again but the atmosphere is a bit better after a couple of weeks where we've managed to pull in a few orders. The 2nd week of September is a scheduled plant shutdown week anyway so we've bought a bit of breathing space if nothing else.

During the shutdown, we usually carry out plant maintenance work and so forth but all of the office staff are off for the week - except me.... I will be working (well, actually, just popping into the office for a couple of hours) Monday to Thursday to check e-mails and faxes etc. Just in case any new work comes in!

It also looks like my son and his wife are coming over from Holland that week for a short holiday - they plan to spend a couple of days in Wales before popping up to Sheffield to visit us. Looking forward to that!!

Anyway - nothing else to update you with (we didn't win the Lotto last night.... not even a tenner) so I'll leave you in peace. Enjoy what's left of Sunday!

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