Monday, 10 August 2009

Belper 0 - 2 Worksop

One of those games where the scoreline doesn't truly reflect the game.

Worksop, from the Premier Division were held until well into the 2nd half and their second goal came from a shot which deflected off a defender's backside and flew into the net off the inside of a post!

Anyway - there are some more of my pictures here:

Still learning with the new camera and so some shots are not to the high standard set by Snapper and Smiffy (see previous posts) but hopefully, I'm getting there!

I have to say that after the game on Thursday evening, which resulted in a 4 - 4 draw with Gresley FC (from a division below Belper) I was a bit concerned about prospects for the coming season but after the display on Saturday from a team that I would imagine is going to be pretty much our "first eleven" I am a lot more confident.

To be truthful, My only fear is that after last season, the fans are going to expect better - with the resultant pressure on Managers and players. I agree that last season was a very good one but it's gone now and although not forgotten, if the team can manage something similar this year - I reckon that will be a great achievement.

Yes - promotion would have been great but something inside tells me that it might have come a little too "early" for the team and we could well have struggled in the Premier Division. Now Andy & Danny know what extra is needed, and the squad to me already looks stronger than it did last year, despite losing players like Krystof Kotylo and Ben Walker.

Anyway, the real stuff starts on Saturday - at home to Willenhall so we'll have to wait and see.

Good Luck Guys!

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