Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Gardening Weekend

So far anyway.

The early finish on Fridays came in useful as I got all of the grass cut at the back yesterday. No mean feat - the back garden is 100ft long and 35 ft wide narrowing to 25ft wide at the bottom (although not all of that is lawn - there's still a sizeable chunk of grass to cut!) Today I've done the front grass and the hedge - but had to come in doors at 3:45 pm cos it's a bit warm!

After cutting the grass yesterday I took the camera out into the garden to look for macro shots of flowers and, hopefully, the frogs which occupy our very small pond. Here's the result (or rather- a few of the 30-odd shots I got)

"A stranger in our midst!"

Aubretia (I think!)

Dunno what this is but it grows through the privet hedge.

"Wot you lookin' at?!"

Other events this week included our 38th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday May 20th. They say time flies when you're having fun and the last 38 years have certainly done that so we must be having fun eh? We celebrated with dinner at the carvery at the Bowshaw Inn. (I've mentioned this place before. It's one of our regular haunts. Great food and cracking value for money!)

We're still very busy at work and there are no signs of any slowdown which brings it's own problems of course but we continue to just try to get on with it. It's exhausting but better than last year when things were really slow.

I seem to be getting over the operation and now await a letter to tell me when I have to go back for a review of my progress.

Not much else to report - I've not been to a football match for absolutely ages and although in some ways it's nice to have Saturdays "free" (like today) I'm missing the "action shots" with the camera. Might have to go find a cricket match to "snap."  We'll see.

For Now Dear Reader...... I'll sithee! 

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Mike Smith said...

Cricket ?? Action ?? Just point it at one set of stumps and keep clicking !! I reckon after today I am REALLY struggling for football as well ... and that does mean get out the 170-500 and ... do what I said at the top !!

Keep well Ken - and good wishes to the Duchess - remember "It's hip to be cool" - and I mean that in the best possible taste !!!