Monday, 3 May 2010

So the Owls are relegated

Disappointing result at Hillsboro' on Sunday and that means the bigger of the two Sheffield professional teams will be playing in League one next season.

As a mate of mine said - "Maybe we should try to sue someone because we got relegated - Oh No - hang on a minute - that's what the Blades do innit?!"

Anyway - here's to next season - and whatever the red half (sorry - amend that to one-third) of the city says - Wednesday are STILL the last Sheffield club to win anything of any signifiance!

It always amazes me how the Blades seem to find more joy in  a Wednesday defeat than they do in a United win!!??

A Facebook page recently asked me to name the 5 football clubs I hated the most. I came up with Leeds Utd, Man Utd, Chelsea, Matlock Town and Sheffield FC. Noting the absence of the Blades from the list, a friend expressed surprise that Sheffield Utd were not one of the five. I explained that I don't hate Sheffield United - I just couldn't give a sh*t about them!

Next event is the Belper Town Supporters Evening on Friday May 7th. Looking forward to that and also to some proper cricket on TV - not this over-hyped T20 stuff!

For now dear readers - back to work (Yes - I'm working on a Bank Holiday Monday but I do get the whole of the 1st week of June off so It ain't all bad!)

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