Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A quiet evening in...

...cos the Duchess is at a Junior Football League Presentation Night. There's nothing on TV so I have iTunes random tracks on and am playing with my photo collection and Photoshop Elements!

Sunday was a good day. We decided to take off to Horncastle to our holiday destination and pay the balance of our holiday cost. We're off on 3rd July so the balance was due and rather than post it, we took a drive out. I'd worked very hard in the garden on Friday and Saturday so decided I'd earned a "Sunday off".

We then went on to Hagworthingham (see Google Maps) and stopped at "Rachel's Cafe" for a cuppa and a scone. Great cafe, very reasonably priced and real value for money!

Next stop? "I know" sez I "Let's go to the car terrace at Huttoft and just watch the sea for an hour." Now, we always pay at least one visit to Huttoft during our 2-week vacation. It's a quiet spot and basically, there's nothing there. Until Sunday that is.... the place was packed!

Huttoft as we normally see it....
Huttoft on Sunday...
We didn't stay there long - just long enough to have an ice cream!

Then drove up the coast a while before cutting back inland and home via Market Rasen, Gainsborough and Ollerton. Now those of you who know their Geography might think Gainsorough to Ollerton a pointless "loop" but.... there's an excellent fish restaurant at Ollerton - The Big Fish Restaurant funnily enough - and although Haddock and Chips is not a usual "Sunday Tea" - we really enjoyed it!

Back home in time for Britains Got Talent  - worth watching only because every week it proves that Britain HASN'T got Talent!

Monday flew by as Mondays do and today has passed almost as quickly. I spent some time this afternoon photographing the unloading of a new machine at work - not bad shots and something diferent as a subject

I have a whole week off next week - the plant closes every Spring Bank Holiday so plant maintenance work can be completed. The plan at the minute is a visit to Bempton Cliffs (RSPB Reserve) for the Duchess' birthday treat - her birthday is June 2nd. And we'l also try to fit in the Old Moor Reserve at Wath-on-Dearne - another RSPB place. Not as spectacular as Bempton but still a grand day out..... if the weather behaves itself!

Not sure what we'll do with the rest of the week but I'm sure the bloody grass will need cutting again by then.....

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