Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A little bit of excitement on a working day!

Mid-morning, I went upstairs to the Sales department and from the window I could see what looked like a Reliant Robin Rally in the empty yard across the street.

About an hour later, some of the cars had been turned on their sides and police cars were in attendance. Then I spotted a boom microphone and other film paraphenalia so wandered down for a look.

Anyway - turned out to be Jeremy Clarkson and a film crew playing with a bunch of Reliant Robins! (What's the collective noun for "Robins?" A "Delboy of Robins?, A "Rodney" of Robins? A "Trotter of Robins?......)

Here's the man himself:

and some more pics are here:!/

Made an interesting change to my working day - and also helped take my mind off the op tomorrow.

Report to the Hallamshire hospital at 7:00 a.m. and hopefully, back home by late afternoon with the kidney stone sorted! Fingers crossed!


Mike Smith said...

Best of luck Ken ... remember ... "Nil by Mouth"

Brian Hill said...

Hope all went well Ken??

Mike Smith said...

... and by the way - I think you're supposed to "blur" the odd number plate - just in case !! Were you using "big camera" and do you have a "tiddler" in your coat pocket to cover these very "you never know what you might see" situations ??

Nortoner said...

Thanks Guys - op went well but stil a bit sore.

Never thought about blurring plates Mike! (And it was the 50D - I take it with me to work everday -sad I know but it tends to go just about everywhere with me!)