Sunday, 18 July 2010

Back from Holiday........

.....and 710 photos to edit so this will be a short one!

Holiday was a good one - in summary -

First week - temperatures up to 30 C and blue skies. Second week - temperatures low 20's and some rain. Very strong winds last 2 days prevented any fishing.

Got some fishing done though - but not as much as in previous years, had a few days and meals out and lunch out just about every day.

One highlight for me was a visit to St Botolphs Church in Boston (locally known as "Boston Stump"). We've been going to Horncastle/Boston for 17 years and I'd never previously been inside. It is very impressive and photos will follow.

Also got a new "rucksack-type" bag fior all my camera gear. That's impressive too!

It seems like  months since we went away - no doubt tomorrow at work it'll feel like I've never been away!

Right - going to concentrate on the Archers Omnibus so I'll do more (with pics hopefully) later.

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