Sunday, 25 July 2010

A hectic week.... the first week back from vacation usually is.  I'm still editing holiday pics and promise I'll make a couple of albums sometime this week.

Big news of the week - for us anyway - is the resignation of our mate Danny Hudson as joint manager of Belper Town FC. We were told of this development by Andy Carney - the other joint manager - when we went to the pre-season game at Armthorpe yesterday. It's since been confirmed on the Belper Town website. Danny has qualified as a prison officer and so the time he has for football over the next 12 months will be limited. The plan is to dual-register with both BTFC and a team in Pontefract, nearer to where he works, and so he can play for BTFC in emergencies.

Andy also told us that the Club need a new physio! The lovely Katie Pilgrim had intended to carry in the post for next season but has been given a promotion at work which means she won't be able to make mid-week games and so thought it best to withdraw from the role.

It really is all change down at the Meadow - there are perhaps only 4 or 5 players left from last season's squad and the process of re-building a team is in hand. I must say it's good to see 4 young players from last season's highly successful reserve team being given a chance to stake a claim for a place in the squad.

This week we've seen two pre-season friendlies - one last Thursday v Sutton Town AFC (we won 2-1) and the other yesterday at Armthorpe FC (we lost 2-0.) Pictures are here:

and here:

The 1st half on Thursday evening (v Sutton) was hugely encouraging although 2nd half changes altered the game and Sutton got back into it. However, yesterday, the team came up against a very good side in Armthorpe who, although from a  league below Belper, played the better football and deserved their win.

Maybe the effect of 2 games in 3 days showed. We'll be able to judge better when we get to Tuesday and another friendly - this time against Shirebrook. It's going to take time to rebuild of course and again, speaking to Andy - he is looking to get the basis of a team together and then maybe tweak it a bit in the early weeks of the proper season, depending how we go.

More follows after next Tuesday's match - and I promise again that I'll post some more holiday pics later (OK Dave?!)

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Penfold said...

Very good Jalbum pics of Nailers Ken, unlike some...cough cough haha only kidding.
We knew it'd all be a big clearout when June went from the catering......I'm pleased for Danny to have the promo, but sad at losing him at BTFC.
I suppose I'll have to forgive you for not posting more holiday snaps being as you've been making Jalbums and stuff ;-)....but it doesn't exempt you..gerrem on!
I'm going to summon up some snaps from This weekends walk of the Fairfiels Horseshoe up Rydal way...aroung 15 miles with combined 4500' of ascent! I have no calf muscles left, and my blisters have blisters haha. But our campsite was on the shores of Ullswater, and this time last night (7.30ish) we were sat on our camp chairs on a wee beach on the shores looking across at 2 moored Steamers (boats). As it got dark, we had a still lake with perfect moonlit silhouettes of the mountains reflected in the watewr like a mirror image. Pipistrelles flying round our heads as if they didn't care......oh, we want to go back there again.

Oh yeah- all the best luck with SWFC!