Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fishing all day

Because those clowns at the Met Office couldn't tip rubbish.

My last post reported they'd promised heavy rain for Wednesday. Based on that info, we decided to spend the day driving around the local area. Of course - the rain never came!

We had lunch at Woodhall Spa - where one of my ancestors is remembered on the War Memorial which commemorates the aircrew of 617 Squadron - The Dambusters. Flight Lieutenant Ralph A.P. Allsebrook was awarded the DSO and DFC but was unfortunately killed in 1943 when, over the Dutch/German border, their aircraft was brought down. The plane crashed into a house and a canal side crane when, sadly, all crew members were decapitated by the crane. Brave blokes and an horrific way to die.

To lighten the mood, we had a lovely meal last night at the local pub and toasted the fallen heroes.

We've fished all day today. Totally relaxing way to spend a day but it's time for some kip!


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