Saturday, 3 July 2010

New Shoes

Realised at almost the last minute, I had no alternative to wellies as footwear when fishing over the next 2 weeks. Surely the weather isn't going to dictate wellies every day.

Anyway - the lads at work advised me to go to Sports Direct in Meadowhall where bargain trainer-type shoes were on offer.

Long story short - came away with a  pair of "Karrimoor Senior" walking shoes. Bargain at £24.99 marked down from £69.99 and - the box includes a combined keyring/torch/compass/whistle so I'm sorted if I can't find my way from my fishing spot to the chalet (a max distance of 250 yards generally!)

Also saw T-shirts for sale at Sports Direct - £2 each!! Mind you the motif was a cartoon caricature of Fabio Capello...... so £2 may be an overcharge.

Right really going this time - see yer!

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Penfold said...

OI! What you doing with my trainers Ken? £19.99 Sports Direct in Southport. Bought my last 3 pairs from there- top value....and, as you say, whistle/light/compass combo thingy thrown in too!