Wednesday, 21 July 2010

STILL editing holiday photos....

.... but here's a few to be going on with.

Our holiday accommodation. Officially, Lodge No. 2 - to us - "the hut" or "the shed" - but it has all mod cons, Shower, WC, colour telly, 2 bedrooms, kitchen with full sized cooker and a microwave. We've been going there so long it's like a 2nd home!

We love this place! No kids, pets or "day ticket" fishers allowed! Quiet, peaceful, safe. Ideal.

However- aliens are admitted it seems! Beware, they are among us!!!!

Loads of big fish. But you try catching 'em!

Inside St Botolph's Church! Stunning! We've been going to Boston for 17 years and I've never been inside the "Boston Stump". I was massively impressed and plan to make a "Jalbum" of pictures I took in there. Absoutely beautiful.

Avocet & chicks at Freiston Shore RSPB reserve. The mother bird was very anxious because these chicks were literally right beneath the viewing hatches on the hide. We were no more than 15ft away from the family and as you might imagine, I took lotsa pics!
Freiston is a great place. Totally free with an excellent car park and the hide is a short walk of maybe 250 yards. The more energetic can walk right around the reserve - a distance of about 1.8 kilometres (not sure what that is in miles!)

Another favourite spot - Donna Nook, where I got this shot of a kestrel taking off after just missing his prey.

Lincolnshire specialises in Big Skies! This at Anderby Creek.

And there are some spectacular sunsets!

A really good, relaxing holiday and as usual, we've booked for next year. Can't wait but in the meantime, I'll have to be content with editing and viewing the pictures.

As I said - links to Jalbums will follow - I just need more time please!

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Penfold said...

Smashing sunset pics Ken and the Anderby Creek pic takes me back to many happy times around those parts.
More pics please even if in Jalbum format?
Hope you 2 both enjoyed yourselves? See ya soon, Dave.